Some Bro Loses “Life Savings” On Carnival Game

Posted: April 30, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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So this asshole Henry Gribbohm says that he lost about $2,600 in a carnival game that he thinks was “rigged”. The funniest part about this whole story is that he claimed this to be his life savings. Like hey dude, you’re 30. Your life savings is $2,600? Give me a fucking break. That’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever heard. If I only have $2,600 to my name by the time I hit the big 3-0, I want one/all of you to come find me and repeatedly kick me in the shins before killing me. Clean it up Henry, its 2013. You would think that after maybe $100 you would just give up. But nope. He wanted that Xbox Kinect real bad. And once he lost enough times, he felt that he had to “win his money back”, so he went home to pick up the last $2,300 he had and proceeded to blow the ENTIRE THING on this stupid game which is obviously rigged. Every carnival game is rigged. If you don’t know that by the time your 30, then your a full blown retard. Especially when you look like you were born at a carnival like this guy does. Hey, at least after all his troubles, he has that giant Rastafarian banana to give him solace. Idiot.

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