Chad Johnson Adopts Homeless Man

Posted: April 30, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Well, now I’ve officially seen it all. Chad Johnson has a adopted a homeless man. Even better, his name is Pork Chop. His real name is Robert, but apparently he doesn’t know his last name, so we’re just going to go with Pork Chop for now. Johnson took him out on a “man date”, consisting of a clothing upgrade, beers, food, and, naturally, hitting up the club. Johnson even tweeted that he vowed to get him laid. He took to twitter to document the whole process too. Here are some pics from their day together.

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Great, so now there’s some homeless dude out there who’s fresher than me. Dude’s rocking Grape5’s and they ain’t even out yet. On a serious note though, Chad Johnson is a good ass dude, despite all his antics. It’s sad to see him not in the NFL anymore, especially when he was so fucking dominant back in his Bengals days. Hard to imagine a guy who has the ability to catch a ball anywhere in a 190 square ft vicinity from a stand still, according to sports science, isn’t even in the NFL anymore. But he does shit like this all the time. From giving fans on twitter tickets, to taking out a Steelers fan on a shopping spree for being the first person to show up at a Marriott he was staying at. He may love the spotlight a little too much, but he maintains it in a wide variety of ways, and he is fucking hilarious about all of it. Hope to see him back on the field one day and maybe get a ring. I will forever remember him for rocking this jacket on the sideline during one of his games.



What a clown.



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