Some Whacked Out Chechen Ref Attacks Youth Soccer Player

Posted: April 29, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Sports
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I’m not really sure what the fuck goes on in Chechnya, I really don’t, but what the fuck. This guy Musa Kadyrov freaks the fuck out and pushed over 18-year-old Ilya Krichmar then started punching and kicking him. He claims that the boy insulted him. I get that an 18-year-old isn’t exactly a little kid, but if you’re a grown man picking a fight with an 18-year-old then you’re more than likely a piece of shit. There was a FIFA ref in attendance of the game who was quoted saying, “He had no clue about rules, even worse, attacked a player. On a scale of one to 10, I’d give him a zero and I’m writing a special report. He should not be allowed to officiate again”. Not exactly the best endorsement of all time. I guess Musa Kadyrov has officially been banned for life from reffing, and I think that is something we can all be thankful for. Also, I don’t know who the fuck number 93 on the white team thinks he is just running in after the altercation and trying to start something with the kid who was attacked by the ref but I hope he stubs his toe sometime in the near future, because he’s a certifiable dickhead.


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