Jason Collins Becomes First Active Openly Gay Athlete In 4 Major Sports

Posted: April 29, 2013 by woody in Actual News, NBA, Sports
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So this has been all over the news today so I figured I would speak on it. Didn’t get a chance to read the entire Sports Illustrated article, but I did read a lot of it and it was a very insightful, well written article/interview. I can’t imagine what it would be like to hold such a big secret in for such a long time, especially when you’re someone as high profile as a professional NBA player, when you’re in a locker room with other guys all the time. That’s gotta be tough, so hats off to Jason Collins for taking that leap. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and shouldn’t have to lie to other people about who they are because of being afraid of what others will say or think. If I could give you guys one simple piece of advise it would be keep doing you. If someone can’t accept you for who you are then they aren’t really your friend in the first place so fuck them. Stay true to yourself.

Now that I got all of that out of the way, I just had to say that I’m surprised Jason Collins is even still in the NBA. All sexuality aside, he is a terrible basketball player. 2K13 has him rated as a 43. A fucking 43. That’s good enough for the dead last in the league. I’m pretty sure if I 2K were to rate me I would even pull off like a 44 or some shit. I was reading some piece on him on Yahoo! saying how he is a “skilled center that can provide stout defense off of the bench” and that he’s “the journeyman center who has been known for leaving an indelible imprint on every game he plays”. Ummm, sorry, but no. It’s incredible that this guy has managed to stay in the NBA for 14 years. I don’t get it. Yea, he’s a veteran, but only by default. His stat line for this year: 9-29 aka 31% for 41 points, while compiling 60 rebounds, 8 assists, 10 blocks, 12 steals in about 10 minutes a game. That works out to be 1.1 PPG, 1.6 RBG, 0.2 APG, 0.2 BPG, and 0.3 SPG. Not exactly the numbers of a “skilled center that leaves an indelible imprint on every game he plays”.  I know numbers don’t always tell you the whole story, but give me a fucking break. This guy is terrible. End of rant about how bad he is. Main point of this whole post was to congratulate Jason Collins for being true to himself, hopefully others will follow in his footsteps.


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