Alright so try to stay with me on this one folks. This guy Nathaniel Fimone “fell” from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, or at least that’s how the article put it. The NYPD wasn’t as kind with their word choice, as they were quoted as saying, “He jumped from the 86th floor and landed on a catwalk just below it, between the 86th and 85th floors”. Eyewitnesses also claim that once Fimone landed on the catwalk, he tried to flail himself off of that to drop again, although he was not able to do so. When the police arrived on scene, they retrieved Fimone, and escorted him past the shocked tourists to New York’s Bellevue hospital. Now he faces charges of reckless endangerment, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

It’s bad enough that you thought suicide was the only way out, because no offense to anyone out there who has lost someone to suicide but that’s for fucking cowards. Life is never that bad. There are billions of people without suffering from disease, hunger, oppression, and countless other things that far exceed any of the “stress” that most of us have to deal with here. Regardless of your situation, suicide is the ultimate form of giving up and I refuse to feel bad for anyone who can’t motivate themselves to better their own life so they resort to suicide. Not only does this asshole try to kill himself by jumping off the Empire State Building, but he doesn’t even succeed! Yea jump when there’s a catwalk LITERALLY 1 floor below you. That makes sense. Now he’s probably got a few broken bones, fines and criminal charges coming his way, and he didn’t even accomplish what he set out to do. Sweet life bro.




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