Russell Westbrook To Have Surgercy To Repair Torn Meniscus

Posted: April 26, 2013 by woody in NBA, Sports
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God fucking damnit. I hate injuries. Just a complete boner ruiner. Despite who you’re a fan of, if you know anything about basketball, you knew that we were almost certainly going to have a rematch of last year’s finals match up between the Thunder and the Heat. And say what you want but they have the two most talented duo’s in the game today, along with plenty of other talent to back that up. It was going to be a great series. Now, there is a serious concern for the Thunder. Westbrook, easily their second best player and probably the most athletic person in the league not named Lebron (no offense to D Rose, but you gotta play to be in that discussion), suffered the injury in the second quarter when Rockets guard Patrick Beverley lunged at Westbrook to make a steal as he was calling for a timeout. Here’s the video:


So I have mixed feelings about this. First of all, no one in America knew who Patrick Beverly was before his game 2 explosion, and if you claim that you do you’re either lying to yourself or you’re a fucking weirdo, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I have nothing wrong with playing the game 100% when you’re out there. That’s what its all about. But they were clearly calling timeout, and the whistle had already blown before they banged knees. I know it was just a freak accident, especially for Westbrook, who literally hasn’t missed a game since middle school. Literally. He’s played in 439 of 439 NBA games and never missed a game in college or high school, which is fucking astounding when you think about the way he plays the game. But still, I just feel bad for Westbrook and because of the news that followed earlier today, with the oncoming surgery for his torn Meniscus, it disgusts me that that was the play that might keep him out of the playoffs. Sources have said that only about 2 percent of the Meniscus was torn, so he could recover quickly if they opt to just clean his knee up instead of a fully repair it, but I don’t know how the organization is going to feel about that. They’re not going to want to risk the future of their 24 year old superstar. Westbrook is the kind of guy who is going to want to play if he can play though. So I don’t know what’s going to happen to him to be honest. Ron Artest did just return from a very similar injury in just 12 days, even though doctors said he would be sidelined for 6 weeks, so anything is possible. Granted, they both have different styles of play, but its not like Artest is some soft pussy on the court. If he could make it back in 12 days he would more than likely be back for the next round. And if it takes longer than that, if they can keep winning, the NBA Finals aren’t until mid June. So he would have a hell of a lot more than 12 days to recover for those. It’s just sad to see a young guy like that, or any superstar for that matter, go down in the playoffs. Saw the same thing with D Rose last year. The Bulls were obviously a completely different team without him. The Thunder are obviously going to be a completely different team without Westbrook. They’re going to need someone to pick up his scoring, I’m looking at you Kevin Martin. And Derek Fisher is going to have to do what he has done his whole career and just be a solid player and a tremendous leader. And Kevin Durant will need to keep being the best player in the league not named Lebron. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I can only hope for a quick return that doesn’t put his future in jeopardy.


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