Some Guy Sues Derrick Rose For His Depression And Obesity

Posted: April 19, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun, NBA, Sports
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Only in fucking America. Saw this story on Facebook earlier and I couldn’t help but laugh. Some 25 year old from Illinois named Matthew Thompson has had a tough year, suffering “mental breakdowns” and “emotional distress”, which ultimately led to him becoming a fat ass. What caused all of this to happen to the young man? According to him, it’s all Derrick Rose’s fault because he hasn’t returned to the court since being cleared by doctors, and because of all the “anguish” Rose has caused Thompson, he’s suing him. Unfuckingbelievable. The things you can get away with in this country. Hey Matty boy, here’s an idea. How about you don’t be a fucking psychopath who can’t handle life when the star play on your favorite team gets hurt and fucking suck it up bro. According to the article, “no word if Peoria County Officials will take this lawsuit seriously”. We can only hope that they throw this nonsense case out and sue this guy for being a little bitch.




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