Ahhh that time of the year has finally come. Baseball season is well underway, we just had a great month of sports thanks to March Madness, the NBA and NHL playoffs are starting, and summer is on the horizon. Fucking love everything about life right now. Thought I’d take the time out before work to give you guys my first round predictions since I won’t be able to get on a computer this weekend because I’m going to see all my asshole friends from school. Anyways, we’ll start in the East.

Heat vs. Bucks

Actually looking forward to this series a lot. Remember years ago when the Celtics were looking like the best team in basketball and the Hawks took them 7 games in the first round? The whole “shock the world” motto going around. Well I have a feeling this match-up has the potential to give us the same situation. The Bucks gave the Heat trouble all year, winning 3 out of the 4 games they played. I’m not going to sit here and try and tell you that the Heat are going to lose this series, because that would make me dumb, but they definitely aren’t going to sweep it. I think the Bucks will definitely win one of their first home games for sure. Further than that, I guess anything can happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucks managed to even the series at 2 a piece with their home games and maybe even force a game 7. No one on the Bucks is afraid of the Heat and that makes a huge difference. But that unfortunately won’t be enough to win the series. Heat in 5.

Knicks vs. Celtics

Another good series we got here, with the classic Boston/New York rivalry. Melo is on another planet recently, JR Smith finally decided to cut the shit and use his incredible amount of talent to be a real basketball player instead of a dickhead scorer, and Tyson Chandler is back and 100% which drastically changes the entire defensive attitude of the Knicks. I don’t think the Celtics have it in them to pull of the upset personally. Pierce and Garnett will definitely will their team to probably 2 victories though. Knicks in 6.

Pacers vs. Hawks

I don’t know what it is about the Hawks but I just really don’t like them. And the Pacers are a very physical team and have some serious talent down low now that Roy Hibbert is playing to his potential after a slow start to the season. Paul George and company will give the Hawks all they can handle on D, and since both teams struggled all year with their scoring, the bench will be a big factor in this series. Not that I think the Hawks have any chance of even making this interesting. Pacers in 5.

Nets vs. Bulls

And we come to the most intriguing match up of the first round in the East. I really don’t know what to make of this series. Does D-Rose finally make his return for the playoffs? If so, what’s he going to play like after not playing all year? And the Nets are the epitome of inconsistency. They can be one of the best teams in the league or one of the worst teams in the league on any given night. Personally I’ve thought the Nets were going to make some noise come playoff time all year, so I’m going to have to stick with them, even though I thought the Bulls had one of the best chances to knock the Heat out of the playoffs from the East. It will be one hell of a series though. Nets in 7. (side note, if D-Rose does make his comeback, then I’m going to have to take the Bulls because that would be as dramatic of a comeback as I can remember and will fuel a run).

And now we move on to the West. First up:

Thunder vs. Rockets

Only seems right that these two teams would meet in the first round, with the whole James Harden trade. Unfortunately for the Rockets, they are in way over their head in this one. The Thunder are the best team in basketball not named the Heat, Durant is having his best season to date, and Westbrook is an absolute freak of nature athletically. When he’s on there is no stopping them in my opinion. Harden will get one in Houston probably, just to show he’s not to be forgotten about, but I don’t see them winning any more than that. Thunder in 5.

Spurs vs. Lakers

If I was going to pick any upset in the first round to happen, out of both the East and the West, this would be it. I don’t think the Lakers are going to be able to pull it off without Kobe, if he was still around it would be a different story, but I don’t see them pulling it off in the end. The Spurs are well rested going into the playoffs and have the best coach in all of sports, Gregg Popovich. The Lakers will give them a run for their money, but I don’t think it will be enough. Spurs in 6.

Nuggets vs. Warriors

Finally we come to my Nuggets. What a year it has been for them. Unfortunate to see Gallinari go down right before the playoffs, and the Manimal is still nursing that sprained ankle, but I feel good about us moving forward in the playoffs. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared about this match up though. The Nuggets are absolutely horrible at defending the 3, and the Warriors have the bets 3 point shooting percentage in basketball. Steph Curry can absolutely take over a game. Mark Jackson is a great coach who finds a teams weakness and attacks it until they figure out how to adjust. But I have faith in my boys. Too much depth for the Warriors. Iguodala and Brewer can switch on and off on Curry to help contain him. Their transition attack is right up there as the best in the league with the Heat. And they have home court advantage, where they are virtually unbeatable (38-3 during the regular season, good for best in the NBA). This is definitely going to be the most exciting match up of first round though. Plenty of scoring and fast paced basketball. Nuggets in 7.

Clippers vs. Grizzlies

Much like the Nets/Bulls match up in the East, I don’t really know what to make of this series. The Clippers are like the Nets in the fact that they are inconsistent as shit. And the Grizzlies are like the Bulls, a physical team that makes you earn every point. I could see either team coming out on top in this series, but I’m going to give the slight nod to the Clippers based on Chris Paul’s leadership, home court advantage, and their strong bench play. Clippers in 7.


Check back in with y’all in a week or so. Enjoy the great fucking basketball. Go life.


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