And I’m Back

Posted: April 19, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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So between being absolutely disgusted at the human race, work, and chilling at my friends house that doesn’t have internet (yes, that’s still a real thing for those of you who don’t live in Kent) I haven’t gotten around to writing anything this week. I’m going to wait for this whole Boston Bombing fiasco to end before I speak on it, because unlike every major news station in the country and basically every person in the country, I wait till I have the fact before I attempt to put my two cents in, not just make up some random bullshit that turns out to be completely wrong an hour later (hey CNN, I’m talking to you). But in an attempt to inject a little fun into the world in tough times like these, I now find myself in in front of a laptop with stories, videos, pictures, and whatever else you can think of to make y’all laugh. I do it all for the fans.


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