I honestly am stunned that I am still talking about this situation. This has been a problem for months now and we still haven’t done anything about it. Shout out to Anonymous for hacking the entire country the other day and telling them to figure their shit out pronto or pay the consequences. At least someone is doing SOMETHING about this. Honestly I don’t know what North Korea’s end game is here. Like do they realize that quite literally EVERYONE in the world is against them. Hell, according to this article, even Fidel Castro is telling them to chill the fuck out. In his own words, the current situation is “incredible and absurd”. You know you’re fucking up when even Fidel Castro thinks you’re fucking up. What could Kim Jung Un possibly think is going to be the outcome. Like, you guys don’t even have the internet. You have the “Intranet”. The fuck? I hate people that just think bombing everyone is the solution to everything but in this case, that has to be the only option at this point. They’ve publicly said they’re going to try to nuke the shit out of us and we clearly have superior everything than them so why aren’t we doing anything about this? Because they don’t have oil, so there is no money to be made? I don’t get it. I really don’t. It pains me to say this every time I do nowadays, but what the fuck America?



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