Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Huge Marijuana Bust

Posted: April 5, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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I guess there really is no such thing as a routine traffic stop anymore. Yesterday, a Texas Highway Patrol trooper pulled over a gas tanker to perform a routine visual inspection and discovered the tanker was carrying 3.9 tons of marijuana. For all you non math wiz’s out there, that’s 7,800 pounds, or 31,200 QPs, or 124,800 zips, or 998,400 slices, or 3,494,400 grams, aka a fucking shit ton of weed. Well technically 3,9 shit tons, but who’s counting. In case you are wondering what that amount of weed exactly looks like.


There ya go. According to the article, police estimated that it had a street value of $3.4 million. Now, call me crazy, but last time I checked even for the worst weed around you are going to be paying at the VERY least $100 for an ounce. And that’s if you know some people. Usually you’re going to pay around $200. So even for the cheapest, shittiest weed, if this is sold at an ounce at a time, which honestly shouldn’t be that hard to do, that’s just under $12.5 million. More than likely closer to $20 million. And if it’s good shit then we’re talking about $49.9 million. And imagine if someone actually took the time to sell $20 sacks of this shit? That’d be almost $70 million. So I don’t know where the fuck they come up with these “estimated street values”, but I’ll tell you one thing. That amount of weed is worth a hell of a lot more than a measly $3.4 million. Just fucking look at all of that weed! That’s a lot of bowl packs. Some Mexican drug lord isn’t very happy at the moment.


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