Watch Out Tiger Woods: Bubba Watson Is Making Noise

Posted: April 2, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Golf, Sports
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So Tiger has been one of my favorite golfers for pretty much my entire life just because he basically dominated every facet of the game when I was growing up so he was someone to idolize. Then he solidified himself as the man with his highly publicized problem with “sex addiction”, aka being a guy, over the last few years. But there is a man lurking in the shadows that is quickly making a name for himself. That man goes by the name of Bubba Watson, and he just completely changed the game with his new hovercraft golf cart. And no, you didn’t misread that. Here’s a look.

Talk about being a fucking boss. I need one of these and I needed it yesterday. I will never play golf again until I own one of those. Oh, there’s a water hazard in the way? No worries, let me just glide over it and over that sand trap and park right next to the green. Just cruise down the middle of the fairway like it ain’t no thang. This is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in sports so far this year. Bravo, Bubba. Bravo.


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