And if I needed another reason to prove how fucking soft the country has become and how fucked we all are, we have this.


I almost didn’t even write about this because I’m fucking blown away that this is real news. Kids are getting suspensions for tweets about YOLO? I don’t give a shit if it was on a test, it was for no grade and no college was looking at it. Just a waste of everyone’s time and money. Literally pointless. I commend the kid for doing it, as much as I hate the term YOLO because of all the dick bags that use it. The fact that he got a four day suspension is absurd. Read a fucking book people. You’re destroying an entire country.


Side note: What the fuck is up with people doing the backwards smiley face. Everyone knows the colon become before the open parenthesis. Its fucking :)….not (: We read left to right in America. This is America, we speak American.


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