Bruins Trade For Jaromir Jagr

Posted: April 2, 2013 by woody in NHL, Sports
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After Jarome Iginla facialed the Bruins and the Brenden Morrow went to the Penguins too, the Bruins weren’t left with many options. But they made the best of a bad situation and added a certified veteran to their roster. The Bruins traded for Jagr today, and now they have a Top 10 player, in my humble opinion, in their locker room. People forget about how good Jagr is. For those of you with said cloudy memories, here.


Granted he’s 41, but you can’t argue stats. And this guy has them. 679 goals, good enough for 10th all time, 1000 assists, 12th all time, and obviously 1,679 points, which puts him at 8th all time. And if the stats aren’t enough for you, how about that lettuce? Unreal flow. This guy doesn’t care who he plays for, wherever he goes he does the same thing. He gets it done. At 41, obviously Bruins fans would have liked to see them land the younger Iginla, but they should also be walking away from the trade deadline with a smile on their faces with Jagr on their squad. Guy is a professional in every sense of the word.


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