Rapist Caught After 34 Years On The Run

Posted: March 29, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Talk about making the most of a situation. This guy Gary Irving was convicted of multiple rage charges all the way back in fucking 1979 in Massachusetts. But instead of going to jail for life like he was sentenced to, he just said fuck that, bounced, and has been going about his daily life. So how is he just being caught? After the sentencing, “the judge in the case stayed the sentence for two days, allowing Irving to go home and make arrangements before starting his prison term. During that time, Irving fled and police began a decades-long manhunt that ended on Wednesday night”, according to this article. He had been living under the alias “Gregg Irving” in Gorham, Maine since 2000 and had lived in various other towns in Maine since the 80’s. He also was living with a wife of 29 years and two children.

Seriously? All he did was change his first name from Gary to Gregg . That’s the same fucking letter for fucks sake. You have got to be kidding me. If you watch the video in the link you’ll see some fucking dick head cop in a press conference talking about the incident. “Oh I would say he was surprised to see law enforcement on his front door”. You think dude? Probably because it took you guys 34 fucking years to find this asshole. He managed to raise a whole happy family while you guys put him on your “top 10 most wanted” list when he’s right under your damn nose living his life as a free man. According to Irving’s attorney, he “has been a model citizen, working in communications, including some phone work and local police stations”. Oh so no only was he blatantly living his life not even trying to hide and half assing his name change, but he was also WORKING for the guys who were supposed to be trying to catch him. Nice fucking work guys. Bravo. Oh and I spit out my coffee and I’m drinking apple juice when the attorney claimed he had been living as a model citizen. Yea if you don’t count the 3 different chicks that he assaulted, threatened, and raped. Guess the standards for model citizen aren’t what they used to be.


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