Reason #36,458 Why The World We Live In Is Fucked

Posted: March 28, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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According to this story, some Chinese woman just bought a $6.5 million dollar condo in New York. Not all that crazy, unless you consider the fact that it’s for her fucking 2-year-old daughter. She doesn’t even plan on using. It’s completely reserved for when her daughter goes to school at, “Colombia, NYU, or Harvard”. Hey you big dumb bitch, your daughter is two. Two!!! I get the Chinese people are all about making there kids suffer through their childhood by not letting them have fun or learn how to be social and just make study their asses off all day everyday. But Jesus. You’re so full of yourself that you already think you know where she’s going to school? Fuck you. They won’t release the woman’s name, and I guess people think it’s the wife of or related to some corrupt government official. Shocker. Isn’t corrupt government official a bit redundant? Anyways, if anyone finds out who she is and happens to walk by them in the street, do me a favor and flick them in the forehead and kick them in the shins. In case you’re wondering what $6.5 mill gets you these days:

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Fucking unbelievable. Like you really have $6.5 mill to be throwing around on your daughter’s college dorm when she isn’t going to be a freshman until fucking 2029? Here’s an idea. Do something that’s actually useful with that money. Give it to charity. Hell start your own charity. Help someone in need. Invest in clean energy. Do SOMETHING other than buying a multimillion dollar condo for your 2-year-old. Fucking China. Fucking rich people. Read a book.

  1. Joe Green says:

    I can understand why this seems crazy to some people. However:

    – Despite the turmoil of the last few years, real estate remains an excellent long-term investment by historical standards
    – How do you know this person isn’t a billionaire who’s already given millions of dollars to any number of charities?
    – The same principles that allow you to voice your opinion here, allow an individual to spend the wealth they have accumulated any way they want. Maybe this person rose from poverty, started a business, built it to a multi-million/billion dollar enterprise, and now wants their child to enjoy the fruits of their life’s labor to a degree they sit fit. Who does that hurt or even inconvenience in the slightest? And who are you or I to suggest that is inappropriate?

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