For All You Hip Hop Heads Out There

Posted: March 27, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Music
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Shout out to my main man Willy Watts for the tip on this video. This is a fucking great idea. Something any hip hop head can appreciate, just paying homage to all the greats who gave shout outs to the streets they’re from. Some people won’t think this is anything that cool, but hey, we can’t all be winners I guess. I thought it was hilarious when he parks illegally to call out the 73rd precinct with one of the signs about them dealing drugs. Classic move. “I’m an art student, I just…uhh”. Hahahaha. I wonder how long these actually stay up. I really want one but I wouldn’t take it down if I was walking by it. That defeats the purpose. Only keeps it’s meaning if its located on the spot the various legendary MC’s in this video were talking about in their song.


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