Kate Upton Agree’s To Go To Prom With Kid From Video Yesterday

Posted: March 20, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Well. Called that. Kate Upton confirmed over twitter that she “couldn’t turn down that video” and she’ll “check her schedule”. She also said that he could call her Katie. Like I said as much as I want to hate this kid because there’s no way he should be pulling chicks on Kate Upton status, I just can’t. Fucking full-proof move. Even if she ends up having a conflicting event, which I doubt she will because then the press will rip her for being “mean” (god forbid), the fact that she took notice to his video and responded to it publicly is a win in most people’s book. Was just reading on barstool how KFC was ripping on this kid, but I just can’t. Not his fault he’s fucking smart enough to just make some video and have it go viral because of the way the world is nowadays. It’s called survival of the fittest man. Adaptation. Charles Darwin. Galapagos Islands. Part of life, you’re just mad that someone else did it first. Jake Davidson – 1 Everyone Else – 0


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