The best time of the year is here. March fucking Madness. Honestly just so much sports, especially in the 1st and 2nd rounds (I refuse to recognize Thursday’s & Friday’s game as 2nd round, call me old fashioned). Sports overload. And we all know I’m all about sports. So, let me preface everything by saying that while I usually have a ton of confidence about a slew of different picks I make in many different sports, this year in college basketball is an absolute mind fuck. There’s probably like 20 teams out there that could realistically win it all. The parody throughout the year isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen before. Just look at how many times the #1 lost during the year. Like you’re telling me Gonzaga is the best team in the fucking country? No chance. Yet they finished #1 because they didn’t lose at the right time of the year. So, with that being said, I’m going to say what I think is going to happen, but I also have to admit to myself that literally ANYTHING can happen this year. And that’s why it’s going to be fucking awesome.

Alright so for now, I’m just going to stick With Thursday’s & Friday’s matchups, because the play in games are fucking stupid and I’m not even going to tell you guys my final four until after the brackets have to be submitted. Can’t be giving away too many secrets, I don’t get paid for this shit yet. So to avoid going over every fucking game, I’m just going to give you a couple upsets for each region that I would highly recommend choosing in your brackets.

First up is the Midwest region, which is absolutely stacked. Missouri should pull off the 9/8 upset, although its not like its much of an upset. I’d also look for Oregon to knock off Oklahoma St (12/5 upsets happen LITERALLY every year) and assuming St. Mary’s wins their play-in game, I think they will beat Memphis for an 11/6 upset.

Next we got the South region. I think Oklahoma should be able to beat San Diego St. for a 10/7 upset, as well as Minnesota taking care of UCLA for another 11/6 upset. I’m also personally going pick South Dakota St. over Michigan for a 13/4 upset, but that’s a risky pick. I just don’t like the way Michigan has been playing.

Next we got the East region. Colorado should beat Illinois for a 10/7 and I think Bucknell has a good chance at beating Butler for an 11/6. Don’t see any other of the upsets happening though. Possibly Davidson over Marquette but I’m not picking that.

Finally the West region. Iowa St will take care of Notre Dame for a 10/7 and Ole Miss should beat Wisconsin solely because of Marshall fucking Henderson for another 12/5 upset.

As for the rest of my picks I will make that all known once all brackets are final. Until then, best of luck filling yours out. You’re definitely going to need it this year. Fucking March Madness lets go.




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