Some Bro Casually Flipping Over Oncoming Lamborghini

Posted: March 15, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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So I’m sure everyone has seen the video of Kobe jumping over the Aston Martin that came out a couple years ago. In case you haven’t:


But that was obviously fake. This guy, some stunt man for TopGear, actually jumped over a car speeding towards him. And he also just casually throws in the front flip.


Fucking awesome. TopGear was quoted as saying, “It’s as simple as it sounds– a man standing on a racetrack. A Lamborghini supercar drives towards him, not at its top speed, but fast enough to cause some crippling if it all went horribly wrong. And, being organized by TopGear, there was a not insignificant chance of that happening…And hey, at least we made him wear a helmet”. Um yea, thank god for the helmet. As if we wouldn’t probably be crippled for life if something happened to have gone wrong. At least he wouldn’t have banged his head!





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