Nevada Set To Become 6th State To Legalize Marijuana

Posted: March 15, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Finally. After years of being baffled what the fuck is wrong with people, weed is finally becoming legal all over the country. If the law that is currently being reviewed is passed, which it probably will according to basically everyone in Nevada, it will make Nevada the 6th state to allow possession of marijuana, joining California, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon. And its about damn time. Connecticut, figure your shit out. Its unbelievable the negative connotation that is associated with weed. It’s literally a miracle drug. I’ve written countless papers about it in school. It has endless amounts of medicinal value, easing many of the symptoms associated with diseases such as AIDS, Cancer, MS, Glaucoma, Asthma, Arthritis, Depression, Epilepsy, and Insomnia, as well as helping out people with eating disorders, migraine problems, and chronic pain, among other things. Not only does it have incredible medicinal value, but if legalized, it can be sold and taxed like cigarettes and alcohol, resulting in a shit ton of money for the state because anyone who’s anyone smokes weed, unless you’re a fucking loser. I think this country has wasted enough time and money on busting 17 year olds for smoking a joint, it’s about damn time the record was set straight. Here’s to you weed. Good call God.


  1. sierra says:

    around when will it be legal and what will most likely be the laws..?

    • woody says:

      laws usually go into affect a month after they are passed. not exactly sure as to what the laws will be, since it differs from state to state, but im sure a quick google search can answer that question for you

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