Detroit Lions Sign Reggie Bush

Posted: March 13, 2013 by woody in NFL, Sports
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Wow. Love this power move by the Lions. Not only do they already have a young, stud QB in Matthew Stafford and the best wide receiver to ever play in the NFL when all is said and done in Calvin Johnson, no disrespect to Jerry Rice, but now they add one of the top 3 most dynamic players in the league. The one thing missing from the Lions offense this past year was a running back. Not anymore. It’s scary to think about what Bush is going to be able to do in this offense. Not only has he proved over the last 2 years in Miami that he can be an every down back, but he is a hell of an asset in the passing game as well. I can just picture him catching all these short passes out of the backfield and breaking it for a 20+ yard play with how deep safeties play against the Lions because of Calvin Johnson. If their defense can play to their ability, they are going to be a force to reckoned with from the get go. A few years ago I said that the Lions would make a run at the Super Bowl in the next 3 years. This next season will be the 3rd year since I said that. So hopefully Bush can be that X-factor they needed and save me from looking like an idiot. I feel like people forget what this man did when he was at USC. He basically went for 50 yards every time he touched the ball.


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