French Pole Vaulter Throws A Hissy Fit

Posted: March 6, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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So Renaud Lavillenie, some bro from France, thought that he had just recorded the second highest jump of all time, only to have his dreams dashed mere seconds later because the pole miraculously was knocked off the peg and landed perfectly on top of the upright. Chances of that happening is apparently 1 in 80 bagillion or something. And the rule clearly states that if its not on the peg then it’s a violation. So then he breaks down like a little bitch, throwing a temper tantrum, kicking stuff, collapsing all over the place, then finally starts crying and shit. Like hey dick head, you’re fucking pole vaulting. Who in gods name cares? Don’t act like what you do is important or noteworthy, because its not. Pole vaulting is probably the lamest sport there is. I would even rank chess above pole vaulting. I’m surprised this was even televised. Go do a lap or something bro. Take a couple deep breaths then seriously reconsider the way you’ve been living your life.


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