Could Brittney Griner Play In The NBA?

Posted: March 6, 2013 by woody in Sports
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Somehow this was a story today. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Absolutely not. Like yea, she dominates women’s basketball or whatever. Cool. They’re women. Like no offense or anything but there is no chance a woman could make it in the NBA. None. It’s science. Genetics. Plus their brains are half the size. Granted, I’m still not convinced that Griner can exactly be classified as a woman, but still. She gets like, what? 5 dunks in a season? You could put fucking JJ Barea or Earl Boykins in a NCAA Women’s game and they’d be dunking all over bitches. The fact that is a debate is an insult to ever guy who’s ever played in the NBA. Sorry ladies. I still love y’all.

  1. trydashfecta says:

    Agree completely. if only women still had a league they could play in…

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