Terrell Sinkfield Is One Fast Mother Fucker

Posted: March 5, 2013 by woody in NFL, Sports


Damn. Hope you didn’t blink because you would have probably missed the entire 40 yard dash. If you’ve never heard of Terrell Sinkfield, that’s because he plays for Northern Iowa, and the ONLY noteworthy thing that school has ever done was beat Kansas during March Madness a couple years ago thanks to white boys making it rain. That is, until Sinkfield set the record for the fastest 40 times EVER at the University of Minnesota Pro Day. The previous record had been held by Chris Johnson for more than a couple years now, and stood at 4.24. Sinkfield’s first run came just short of that, at 4.27. But for his second run, he made sure every scout in the NFL would end the day knowing who he was. He ran a 4.19. A fucking 4.19. For all you non-sport fans out there, I don’t even know how to make you understand how unbelievably fast that is. I guess I’d just tell you its the fastest 40 ever run? But even that doesn’t do it justice. Regardless, this guy pretty much just went from a nobody to someone who’s going to be on every team’s radar. Not bad for 4 seconds of work.


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