6 Year Old Breakdancing Girl Is My New Favorite Person

Posted: March 5, 2013 by woody in Fun
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And the 8 and under generation continues to kill it. Toddlers just doing the damn thing everywhere you look. The most recent of these examples can be seen above. This 6 year old Terra in the grey in pink is an absolute boss. Just mocking the older dude the entire time he is on the floor. Then when she takes the floor, its game over. Everyone in the building knew at the 1:21-1:28 mark that it was lights out for the competition. Literally tells the kid that she is going to murder him. Then when the kid tries to rebuttal with dance moves of his own, she give’s him the Dikembe Mutombo finger wave and pushes him back in his place so she can finish putting him to shame. The overall confidence this girl has at such a young age is mind boggling. Just skipping off the stage after her turn like it wasn’t no thang. As if the other kid needed his ass handed to him even more, the way Terra ends her second run is the definition of a power move. The crowd loves her. I love her. Mark this one up as another win for the generation that is going to be responsible for saving us from all the 8-18 year olds out there.


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