Some Bro Solving A Rubix Cube While Juggling It…

Posted: March 2, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Just in case you wanted to feel worse about yourself than you already did, here’s a video of some dude who casually solves a rubix cube while juggling it.

Honestly I’m pumped when I solve just one side of a rubix cube. Every once in a while I can get two sides as long as I don’t get pissed off and chuck it across the room. Then I saw this asshole easily do the entire thing while juggling it. Like what the fuck. He has to be the only person in the world who can do this. I am blown away by this kid’s skill. But the question isn’t how the fuck does he manage to do that, it’s doing that ever get him bitches. I think it’s a toss up. One one hand, he’s a nerd. Hence the fact that he’s wearing a t shirt with a rubix cube on it. On the other hand this is one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed. Listen to that girl in the video. Definitely wet by the end of it. Just giggling thinking about what else he can do with his hands. What remains unknown is if said chica is hot or just some other nerd. HUGE difference. I’m gonna have to say this kid does pull bitches though. He’s gotta be like some kind of wizard or some shit, just walking around solving rubix cubes while juggling them, casting spells on dime pieces to trick them into fucking him. I respect that. Touche, Sir Ravi, touche.


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