Dennis Rodman Proves Once Again That He Is, In Fact, Dennis Rodman

Posted: March 1, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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A couple days ago I wrote about how Rodman was visiting North Korea. Well he’s back in the states. And he had a couple outrageous claims to make upon his return. Naturally. This article has it all, but I’ll do you guys the favor of summing it up. Basically he thinks that Kim Jong Un is an “awesome guy” and that he and his father were “great leaders”. Ummm, whats up bro? Sometimes I wonder if people think about the things they say before they say them. Hey Dennis, you realize this bro is doing anything and everything in his power to blow up America right? He fucking hates us. And you go over there for a day and hang out at a basketball game and now your praising him saying he’s a great leader and an awesome guy? Pretty sure awesome guys don’t bomb the fuck out of neighboring islands for absolutely no reason at all and deprive their own people of food, shelter, and water. Rodman was also quoted as saying, “‘He’s proud, his country likes him – not like him, love him, love him,” and that “he has a friend for life” (in reference to himself). Yea his country “loves” him because if you don’t worship the ground he walks on then you die. Pretty easy choice for anyone to make. And I’m sure we can all rest easy and not worry about North Korea anymore because you told him that you will be his friend for life. Oh don’t blow up America, Dennis Rodman lives there. He’s my friend. Yea prolly. So thanks Rodman, for clarifying yet again that you are one of the sickest fucks to ever walk this planet, and I don’t mean that in the good way I usually mean it in. Fuck you Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman


That’s who we sent to North Korea to smooth things over? Da fuck?

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  1. Rob Adams says:

    Mate, did you ever read anything that wasn’t written by an American? Kim Jong Un is not doing “everything in his power” to “blow up America” lol. I agree that Rodman is a prat. He has serious drug and alcohol problems, I believe, I know that North Korea is a pretty unpleasant place lead by a seriously unpleasant man with a severely unpleasant haircut. But it is no more threat to America than Iraq was.

    • woody says:

      hahaha. i think that you fail to realize that the majority of what i write is laced with sarcasm and, for the most part, done in jest. i realize that North Korea isnt a threat to us at all because we are leaps and bounds ahead of them in just about every aspect of life. i just have a flare for the dramatics and like to exaggerate when i write

  2. john says:

    when you say america you mean USA right?
    and we are not ahead of them at all to be honest. we are just more mean and stupid. remember that we are the one who used the atomic bomb in hiroshima. asian countries doesn’t like us? can’t blame them

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