The Next Johnny Knoxville

Posted: February 28, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Either this kid is possessed by some sort of demon, in which case yikes, or he’s going to be a fucking boss when he gets older. Already practicing Jackass-esque moves that would make Johnny Knoxville himself blush. I can just imagine what’s going through this little tike’s head. “Oh yea mom and dad? You think it’s bedtime for me? No shot. Jokes on you. I’m just gonna belly flop/face plant all night and then be a cranky motherfucker all day tomorrow. That’ll teach you for trying to tell me what to do”. Seriously though when this kid just throws his hands up in the air like he’s about to do a triple back flip off the high dive then free-falls into his mattress I fucking lose it. How about the stage awareness this kid already has too. Just knowing he’s on film and looking back at the camera each time. Toddlers have been killing it recently. Give’s me hope for humanity because 99.9% of people age 7-19 have literally nothing to offer the world.

  1. trydashfecta says:

    enjoying the page. if you want to go half in on being that kids manager, we could make him bigger than knoxville. also, come visit us so we can share together. trydashfecta

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