Romanians Don’t Fuck Around

Posted: February 28, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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So I guess some notorious gangster in Romania known as “Nutzu the Pawnbroker” was arrested on Feb. 22 on charges of heading a gang that attempted murder, kidnapped, blackmailed, deprived people of their freedom, and illegally possessed weapons. Not anything all that uncommon for a gangster I guess, never had the pleasure of meeting one so I really wouldn’t know, but seems like the norm. Except for that when police arrived at his estate a few days later, they discovered that he kept a couple pets that he used in threats against his victims. What kind of pets? Oh, just your casual 4 lions and 2 bears.

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Most people resort to guns and other weapons when trying to intimidate others and build street cred. Not this Romanian asshole. Bro just would sick his lions and bears on anyone who got in his way (where’s the tigers and oh my’s for the record?). Nah but seriously if threatened with death by lion I would pretty much do anything to avoid that so touche to this sicko. Except now he’s arrested and probably going to jail for a long time. Sucks to suck.


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