Is This Skechers Ad Real Life?

Posted: February 28, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Before I say anything else, can we all agree that “swag” should be erased from every single person’s vocab. It’s been long overdue. It’s not cool to say, you sound like a fucking loser. Ironically, it now carries the connotation of the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to mean. If you’re claiming you have style and confidence because of your “swag”, then you in fact have neither of those. When I see all these dumb hipster teens and preteens being like,  “Just opened the fridge and poured a glass of milk, SWAG!” I want to travel back in time to when they were conceived by their parents and just slap both of them in the face and say, “no”.

Now that I got that out of the way, on to this fucking commercial. When did it become cool to be a spoiled little brat who undoubtedly will become a cumdumpster within the next 4-7 years? Did I miss that memo? And what’s up with the outfits all these chicks are wearing? Do less. You’re fucking 12, go play a sport or something. I have always dreaded the day when I have a child and it turns out to be a girl because I feel like I have a lot of bad karma coming back to me in that area of life and I don’t even want to think about what all the guys she meets plan on doing to her. It makes me sick to my stomach. But I’ll tell you right now, if that day ever comes, which I can only hope it doesn’t, my daughter will not be some spoiled little bitch like the girls this commercial is marketing to. No chance.

Final note. Skechers have literally never been cool. I was actually surprised to see their company is still in business. Who wears Skechers? I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw someone rocking a pair, not counting Joe Montana on TV (come on Joe, you’re better than that). Back in the day it used to be one of the prizes in all the Nickelodeon game shows like Double Dare and Figure It Out and whatnot. Wanna know why? Because no one would buy them so they had to just give them away. If you don’t wear Nike’s or Converse then chances are you have no kick game and we wouldn’t be friends. Just another example of the fucked up world we live in today. God help us all.


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