Ryan Evans Is A Loser

Posted: February 27, 2013 by woody in Sports
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So I saw this shit on ESPN last night. This dude Ryan Evans has struggled mightily from the free throw line this season. In the past he usually shot somewhere in the 70% range from the line, not crazy good, but respectable. Well this year, that dipped down to 41%, which is even worse than what Dwight shoots from the line. And that’s saying a lot. He’s also thrown up multiple airballs from the charity stripe this year, something that honestly should never be done. Obviously just going through some sort of mental block this year. So what does he do to fix it? You would think he would just spend hours in the gym working on his form and follow through and whatnot. A free throw is honestly one of the easiest thing in sports when you break it down. You can stand in the exact same spot every time, and do the exact same motion, and no one can guard you while your shooting. Basically just comes down to muscle memory and putting in the time. But Evans takes a different route and just starts shooting jumpers from the free throw line. Talk about just saying fuck it and doing whatever you want. I can’t hate on him too much since it seemed like he was making the majority of them last night, but come on bro. That’s the lamest thing ever. I haven’t seen someone shoot a jumper when taking a free throw since 6th grade. Your a D1 athlete, your better than that. Clean it up.


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