Little Girl Reaches For The Moon

Posted: February 26, 2013 by woody in Fun
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I know what your thinking. “Aw what a cute video” and blah blah blah. Not me. This dumb broad and father piss me off. No fucking shit you can’t reach the moon it’s literally 238,900 miles away. I don’t care if you’re reaching as high as you can and jumping. You couldn’t even grab a cookie out of the cookie jar on the kitchen counter. Good luck with grabbing the moon. Oh yea, your also trying to fit 14.6 million square miles in your stupid little hand. Idiot. You’re Asian, have some fucking self respect, you should be way smarter than that. And then her dad keeps encouraging her to try to grab it. Like hey pops, you probably shouldn’t be filling your daughter’s with ridiculous shit that she will never accomplish in her life. Just setting her up for failure. Great parenting dick head. I’m glad she’s dejected and sad because she can’t reach it. Serves her right. Probably a feeling that will be all too familiar as she goes through life thinking she can catch moon’s in her hand and god knows what else.


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