God I Miss This Rivalry

Posted: February 26, 2013 by woody in NHL, Sports
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People always talk about Yanks/Sox, Duke/UNC, Lakers/Celtics, etc. when talking about the best rivalries in sports. But honestly nothing compared to the Red Wings/Avalanche rivalry back in the 90’s and early 2000s. That was a real rivalry. Two of the best teams in hockey who not only hated each other, but beat the shit out of each other. Literally every single game was a blood bath. Hockey’s different than most sports because you’re allowed to just drop gloves and beat the living shit out of another player if you feel like it. No suspensions or fines, just a measly 5 minutes penalty. No biggie. And one of the more memorable games they played feature one of the better brawls in my lifetime.

How about when Patrick Roy is coming in to deck Darren McCarty and Brendan Shanahan comes out of nowhere and just superman’s into Roy. That is grade A entertainment people. Anyone who’s anyone knows that goalie fights are hands down the best thing that can ever happen in any sport. What a show. What a sport. What a country.


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