Peruvian Scores Dickhead Goal…And I Love It

Posted: February 21, 2013 by woody in Sports
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Hahahaha. I fucking love this. Goalie suffers from heat stroke mid game, so his teammate goes to kick it out of bounds and check on him. Then boom. This fucking guy César Vallejo comes flying in to deflect it into the net for a goal. What an absolute asshole. I’m also pretty sure they were the team that was winning at the time, although who fucking knows, I don’t even know what planet teams these are from. You think he might have not realized what was going on and felt bad and apologized about it after the game, but nope. Just pulls an absolute power move and tells reporters, “football is for the living”. That’s all he had to say on the matter. PAH! What a comeback. Like hey bro, if you don’t want a goal scored on you, don’t pass the fuck out in the middle of the game with the ball in your hands. What an IDIOT! Preach César. PREACH!

  1. […] in February, I wrote about a game between two Peruvian teams when a goalie passed out due to heat exhaustion, only to have an […]

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