Some Dude Casually Backflips During Avalanche

Posted: February 14, 2013 by woody in Sports
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Well Sverre Liliequist (honestly no clue if that’s how you spell his name I’ve already seen it spelled 3 different ways) is officially boss status. Normally I think skiers are gay because snowboarding is about 3,486 times cooler than skiing, but this dude is easily the man. Just going about his business skiing down a huge fucking mountain, carefree, probably reflecting on life. Then all of the sudden at the :53 second mark, BOOM. Fucking avalanche. So what does my man Sverre do? Oh he just peaks over his shoulder, thinks to himself, “Hmm”, and hits the first jump he see’s and does a fucking backflip. Like hey bro, you know that mountain you just skied halfway down? Well now all of it is racing down the mountain at 100 MPH. But Sverre doesn’t let some pussy shit like an avalanche ruin his run. Go big or go home.


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