Olympics Replaces Wrestling With Golf For 2020 Games

Posted: February 13, 2013 by woody in Golf, Sports
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So I was reading this story today on Yahoo! and this guy was completely bashing the Olympics for getting rid of wrestling in order to make room for golf. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons for each sport.




1) Its been an Olympic sport since 1896, so its tradition. – okay I’ll give you that one

2) At it’s basics, its a test of strength and athleticism. – I think that’s important when considering an Olympic sport

That’s literally all I could come up with.


1) Wrestling is gay. – Did you see the picture above? I’m not saying those dudes wouldn’t kick my ass, they probably would, but seriously it’s so gay. Who wants to watch a bunch of bros in spandex butt hump each other and pop boners. Not me.

2) It’s boring to watch. – Despite the strength and athleticism it takes, it’s not very exciting at all. Ever seen a wrestling move on Sportscenter’s Top 10? No. Not unless it was Rey Mysterio doing the 619.

3) Questionable degree of difficulty. – If some bro with one leg can be the best college wrestler in the country, is it really all that hard of a sport?

4) WRESTLING IS GAY. – Wait, did I say that already?




1) Golf is fucking hard. – Have you ever played 18 holes and tried to shoot par, aka what you’re supposed to get on a golf course? Literally impossible. Just ask Robin Williams. So it will take an incredible amount of talent to win gold.

2) Golfers are awesome. – Literally every golfer in the world not named Phil Mickelson or Vijay Singh is the fucking man. Or woman (just look at my post earlier today) Dustin Johnson? Bro just crushes 360 yard bombs from the tee, gets like 8 DUI’s in college and blows coke. AND absolutely lays pipe down on Paulina Gretzky aka “The Great One’s” daughter. The things I would do to live his life… Oh yea and that guy Tiger Woods? Just swimming in porn star pussy on the reg because his bitch of a wife was probably being a bitch. Arnold Palmer has a delicious drink named after him, and everyone in the world wants to crush beers and rip butts with John Daly.

3) Golf itself is awesome. – Is there anything better than hitting the links on a beautiful day with your boys, a couple 30s of drinkability, and some pre-rolled j’s? Not that I know of. Heaven maybe? Trick question, that is what heaven is.


1) Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to play golf. – This is the only thing I could come up with, and I do feel a little bad that all those athletes in 3rd world countries wouldn’t really have a shot at Olympic glory, which is one of the best parts about the Olympics, but you know what? Don’t be born in a 3rd world country next time. IDIOTS.

And actually there is one more thing that this loser on Yahoo! was crying about that could be considered a con, if it made any sense whatsoever that is. He thinks that winning the gold medal wouldn’t mean anything to the golfers. He claims that, “it wouldn’t be a green jacket”. Yea no shit Sherlock. It would be a fucking gold medal. There is no way in hell that this guy can convince me that winning a gold medal wouldn’t mean as much to a golfer as a gold medal. Like yea, obviously they’re going to want to win a green jacket too, but HELLLOOOO. It’s an Olympic gold medal. The epitome of success in sport. Just because golf hasn’t been an Olympic sport before, so the green jacket was the highest honor a golfer could receive, doesn’t mean that once it it becomes a sport a gold medal wouldn’t mean more. You’re nuts if you think winning a gold medal wouldn’t be better than anything. Magine just walking around wearing a gold medal around your neck. Like hey guys, see this? This means I’m literally the best golfer in the world. Now lick my balls.

Bottom line is that while I am all for tradition usually, golf is just flat out a way better sport than wrestling. It shouldn’t even be a discussion. And this dude on Yahoo! is a fucking loser.

  1. Garrett says:

    your a douchebag. I learned nothing from reading your single-minded rant. every pro and con you stated for both sports were entirely subjective.

  2. Wrestling is only “gay” as you put it, because of your perception of physical contact equating to sexuality, based on your imagination, homophobia, and an apparent inability to separate intention of the athlete an your understudying of what constitutes a sexual act. That is your issue.

    • woody says:

      no its actually gay because your wear tight clothes and fondle other dudes. i have nothing against gay people, in fact i love gay people, but facts are facts

      • hatshepsut1508 says:

        Wearing tight clothing does not make an activity, or a person “gay”. Conversely the implication that gay people wear tight clothing, as an exclusive characteristic, is ridiculous and stereotypical. Again, you seem to have no knowledge of wrestling nor of what constitutes a sexual act. Don’t impose your homophobic imagination as a reality for other people.

        The fact that you may “love gay people” does not mean that you are any less homophobic. Homophobia is about the relationship to your own sexuality and rejecting -fearfully- the imaginings that YOU have, because you cant handle that imagination, nor can you separate yourself from it. That fear, which you are hanging on to, is dealt with by attempting to externalize it as something outside of yourself- “that is gay” – in a failed attempt distancing yourself from your own IMAGINED sexual act, or sexual interpretation.

        Some people may engage in a role play of wrestling as a sexual fetish, but the sport of wrestling as it is in the olympics, for instance, has nothing to do with being gay.

      • woody says:

        i honestly couldn’t care less. if you can take a dick then you can take a joke. get over yourself

      • hatshepsut1508 says:

        I take a sorts of jokes – I love ’em. But I don’t take dicks. Except, perhaps, in your imagination.

  3. Tyler says:

    Your cons of wrestling are entirely false. 1) Wrestling is a sport where you have to use every single muscle of your body to win. It is exhausting and way harder than hitting a ball and getting the cart to take you to the next shot.
    2) Watching a 0-0 match go into the third overtime period is intense because one slip up and the match is over. Golf is boring that’s why people nap when it’s on. Also there have been plenty of top 10 wrestling appearances on sports center.
    3) Wrestling is one of the most difficult sports there is it is exhausting and I’ve never seen a golfer sweat.

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