Lupe Fiasco – Switch

Posted: February 13, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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This song is a perfect example of the type of talent Lupe possesses. The song is called “switch” because of how he switches his style in all three verses. In the first verse, he starts off rhyming slowly, dragging out words and whatnot, until he says switch. Then he starts to speed up his rhyming. He goes back and forth between the slow and fast rhyming the entire verse. For the second verse, he starts off rapping about all the bad things that people rap about, like killing people, disrespecting women, etc. Then when he says switch, he turns into a conscious rapper, preaching all these good things that rappers never talk about. The whole verse he goes back and forth between the two. Then for the last verse, he goes back to the original experiment, going back and forth between the fast and slow flow. Except this time he switches a shit ton of times instead of just going back and forth twice. Honestly incredible when you think about it. Never seen anything like this from anyone else, and that speaks to Lupe’s creativity. Enjoy.


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