Kevin Durant is slowly becoming my hero

Posted: February 13, 2013 by snipe in Sports
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Yahoo Sports – “It depends on what I’m shooting from the field. First quarter if I’m 4-for-4, I let it go. Third quarter if I’m like 10-for-16, or 10-for-17, I might let it go. But if I’m like 8-for-19, I’m going to go ahead and dribble one more second and let that buzzer go off and then throw it up there. So it depends on how the game’s going.”


Fucking love this shit. Here’s the thing that people don’t realize about KD; he’s a fucking thug. Like I know he plays this nice guy role and all this shit and he actually is like a genuinely good dude. But at the end of the day he’s a fucking thug. Point blank. The point of it is that if you’re not worried about your shooting percentage going down from taking full court heaves than you’re playing the wrong game. Gotta keep those numbers up. This is exactly why I made sure to shoot like 40 half court shots every practice of my life. I’m like 50% from half court so I’m confident that my percentage won’t be affected by buzzer beaters. Smart. Keep doing you KD. I see you.


Further proof of KD’s thuggery:



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