Vince Young Is The Man

Posted: February 12, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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People never cease to amaze me. Take Vince Young for instance. After one of the best seasons any player has ever had in college history, where he became the first player in D1 history to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000, led his team to an undefeated season, including a win in the Championship Game against USC (who many were calling the best college football team ever, and were riding a 34 game winning streak) in which he not only earned MVP honors by passing for 267 yards and rushing for 200 more with 3 TD’s, but also scored the game winning touchdown with 19 seconds left in the game on 4th down. Fucking unbelievable year for the guy. Goes on to being drafted 3rd overall to the Titans, has a pretty good rookie season, throwing for 2,200 yards and 12 TD’s 13 INT’s, as well as adding 550 rushing yards and 7 TD’s, then absolutely falls off the deep end. Goes through a couple seasons of terrible play and injury, at one point disappears because he was “sad” that fans booed him when he threw a pick, reportedly contemplating suicide, blowing almost all of the $26 million that he had earned in the NFL on gambling and boos and who knows what else, to claiming that the Eagles were a “dynasty” right before they failed to make the playoffs. And now he isn’t even in the NFL any more.

So why, might you ask, do I think that he’s the man. Well according to today’s story, Vince Young reportedly took out a loan of $300,000 back in 2011. And why would he do such a thing? Well, after blowing all his money he made in a few short years, Young thought that he deserved to throw a birthday party… for himself…. A $300,000 party. He just straight up doesn’t give a fuck. You think he cares that he scored a 6 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test they give all incoming NFL recruits? Nope. He doesn’t even care that a carrot once scored an 8 on the exact same test. Nor does he care that he’s broke as fuck, he’s just going to take out a couple hundred thou loan and throw a fucking banger for himself. Is there any doubt that that party was hands down the best party thrown in 2011? None whatsoever. I can’t even fathom the things that must have taken place. So here’s to you Vince, for never letting the haters bring you down. Do you baby, do you.


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