Asteroid Set To Come Dangerously Close To Earth On Feb. 15

Posted: February 11, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Well I read this story and couldn’t help but think, what the fuck? Apparently some asteroid called 2012 DA14 is going to miss the Earth by 17,000 or so miles on Friday. Ok, I know what your thinking, 17,000 miles? How is that close. Well dumb dumb, its generally accepted that the universe is a pretty big fucking thing. So in relative distance, that isn’t that far at all, especially considering the Earth’s orbit moves at about 65,000 MPH around the sun, which basically means that if this asteroid were 14 minutes behind schedule, we’d be completely butt fucked. Granted this thing isn’t as big as the asteroid that left the dinosaurs extinct, it is large enough to take out an area roughly the size of Washington D.C. Pretty sure a couple two three people might be upset about that. The most mind boggling part about this whole scenario is that this “expert” casually talks about how many of these sized asteroids there are in the universe. Apparently there are estimated to be a million asteroids either the size of this one or bigger. The telescopes we have today on Earth have spotted about 10,000 of them. So in Ed Lu’s words, “So for every one of these out there that we see, there’s 99 more we haven’t tracked yet. Each and every day, think of it as sort of playing roulette with the Earth”. Hmm, you don’t sound too worried about the fact that we have no fucking clue where 99% of the asteroids that could potentially FUCK our entire race are located. Is anyone worried about that? Or am I the only person who finds that incredible unsettling. Also, Lu and his team are working on building and launching a hi-tech telescope into space that would be able to detect all the remaining asteroids out there decades in advance, allowing time to alter the asteroid’s course and ultimately save all of our lives, but they are currently working on gathering the funds to do so, and don’t expect for it to realistically happen until at least 2018. The fact that this isn’t on the top of NASA’s priorities simply doesn’t make sense to me. If we have the technology to save our entire race from EXTINCTION, you would think people everyone would be on board with this one. Honestly who fucking knows anymore, I feel like I’m part of the .0001% of people with functioning brains inside their skulls anymore, despite my best efforts to kill myself via alcohol and drugs and basically any other vice imaginable.



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