TCU apparently has a basketball program and they beat #5 Kansas last night.

Posted: February 7, 2013 by snipe in Sports
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ESPN: FORT WORTH, TexasTCU made its first Big 12 victory a memorable one and left the fifth-ranked Kansas Jayhawks with their first losing streak in more than seven years. The Horned Frogs finally won in their new conference, leading throughout against the Big 12’s most dominant team in a 62-55 victory Wednesday night. It was their first-ever win over a top-5 team.


With all this conference realignment nonsense going on I honestly forgot who was in what conference anymore. So as I sat there and watched UCONN get embarrassed by St. John’s at MSG, I had no intention on watching Kansas beat the brakes off of TCU in the 9:00 game. Am I the only one who had no fucking idea that TCU had a hoops team? I mean, their last win before last night was vs. Mississippi Valley State and they’ve been getting pummeled by everyone in the BIG12 by an average of almost 18 per. Not only that, but this game was their first sellout in school history. Solid fan base you got down there huh? 25,000 kids and you can’t get 10gs at a god damn basketball game? Awesome.

Easily the most impressive part of this win is that Kansas hadn’t lost two straight in SEVEN years. 264 straight games without a losing streak. Pretty incredible especially in the men’s game. Regardless, I watched almost the entire second half of this game and it almost looked like Kansas was throwing the contest. I’ve seen better Division II games than this. But that’s the beauty of college hoops. Nobody in America knew TCU had a squad and now they’re on ESPNU going banana sandwich in the locker room throwing up gang signs. Gotta feel great for those dudes especially considering they’ll probably get blown out by West Virginia on Saturday and everything will go back to normal.


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