South African Bro Wanted For Reckless Driving….On His Longboard?

Posted: February 7, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Well this guy just became one of my new favorite people. I thought it was sick when I hit 17 MPH on a Razor scooter going down Worcester hill by Overflow parking lot when they had a speed detector set up (shout out to all my Hounds out there who know what I’m talking about). But this guy just took it to a whole nother level. With absolutely no regard for human life and a great song to cruise to, Decio Lourenco just BOMBS down this hill and reaches speeds of up to 68 MPH. Now let me tell you something, when I was going 17 on that Razor scooter, I almost shit my pants because I knew if I fell it wouldn’t have felt too good. I couldn’t imagine going faster than a fucking cheetah runs. What a sick fuck. Well turns out his balls of steel have landed him in a bit of hot water, as he’s managed to piss off local authorities (like they’re ever happy about anything anyways). Not to go off on too big of a rant but seriously fuck cops. Good for nothing pieces of shit 80% of the time. Anyways, they want this dude for “reckless driving”, which is a stretch considering he wasn’t driving he was fucking ROLLING DOWN A HILL. Unbelievable the type of shit people get bent out of shape over nowadays. Worst thing that could have happened was he would have fell and most likely gotten rinsed by a car and died. So fucking what? It’s his life, who the hell are you to tell him what to do and what not to do. Not like he would have hurt anyone else, at most done a little bit of damage to a bumper or something. Police have yet to find Decio, and considering the considerable amount of support and popularity he has gained over the last week since posting the video to youtube, even if they do find him they will only make him even more popular. Besides, even if you do find him, not like your ever gonna catch him. Bro goes 68 on a longboard, how fast you think he can go in something with an engine. Idiots.



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