MF DOOM – One Beer

Posted: February 6, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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Today’s DOOM track is one of my personal favorites. With a dope sample from Cortex’s “Huit Octobre 1971”, he basically just clowns on all the dudes in the rap game today. Right from the beginning, “There’s only one beer left, rappers screaming all in our ears like we’re deaf. Tempt me, do a number on the label. Eat up all they MC’s and drink em under the table, like ‘its on me, put it on my tab kid'”. Pretty much saying all the shit you hear today is just a bunch of idiots yelling at you over some whack ass beat. Also making fun of them for being light weight pussies who get drunk off of one beer. Showing us all a bit of his comedic side, he is still able to maintain his incredible “miracle lyrical capabilities, with the agility to escape a killer be colony” (anyone?). Anyways, here’s “One Beer”. Enjoy.

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