If Chris Paul was a priest I’d actually go to church.

Posted: February 6, 2013 by snipe in Fun, Music
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Preach brother Chris! Preach!

I mean there’s only a few people in this who have the wherewithal and the grasp on what society needs to the point that they understand what will truly help mold people’s lives in a better way. Names like Don King and Javaris Crittenton come to mind. But, what Chris Paul is doing is the stuff of legends. The stuff that made millions of Greek people believe that some naked dude was throwing lightning bolts at them from the sky. This world could use some fucking bolts thrown at their asses. Look what has happened since the Hot Boyz split up. It went from being cool to rock a 11XL white tee with a Dominique Wilkins jersey and 42 chains to man leggings that suffocate human dicks. I mean seriously look at what happened to these dudes since they parted ways:

Lil Wayne: Has done so many drugs that he has literally convinced himself that he is a 14 year-old white kid from the suburbs that is too small to play a sport so he thinks skateboarding is the only way to remain socially acceptable.


Magine looking in the mirror, seeing that, and thinking “I look awesome.”

Turk: Went to jail the day after they split up and just got out like a month ago. Just your everyday murderer. Nothing a reunion can’t fix.


B.G.: Got pissed at the other dudes for getting rich and decided to start his own label and go solo but oh wait now he’s begging for another reunion because he’s poor and is tired of selling rocks in the bayou.


Juvenile: Back Dat Ass Up is one of the best songs in the history of the world right? That’s universally accepted, right? Every single line of the song ends with “yeah” and Juvie assaulted his barber for apparently bootlegging Hot Boy$ albums shortly after the release which is smart because he obviously protecting what he knew was a golden investment.


The world needs the Hot Boy$ but, more importantly, the Hot Boy$ need each other. Individually, these four men are about as awesome as AIDS. But when they come together they burn with fire of a thousand suns. Hence why they are apply dubbed the Hot Boy$. I think we can all agree that a thousand suns is hot.


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