Morrow Royal Pavilion – The House Of 500,000 Beers

Posted: February 5, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Sometimes you just come across a story that makes you fall back in love with humanity. Look at that thing, its awesome. I would live there in a second, no questions asked. And that’s before I found out what it was actually made from. At first glance, you would think that it was made of stone. Well, you would be wrong. Basically the entire thing is made out of recycled glass. What kind of glass you might ask? None other than beer bottles. Just another example of how beer runs the world people. God gave us beer for many reasons, and now we have another one – build dope ass cribs with the bottles when your done drinking it. It baffles me that we, as humans can take this:


and make a fucking house out of it. And not just any house, but the world’s largest building made of recycled glass. Unbelievable honestly. And just how many beer bottles does it take to build a house? Oh somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,000. When I first saw that, I had to wonder where in the fuck they would get that many bottles, because me and my friends drink like absolute assholes and there is no way we would have anywhere near that many even if we kept all the beers we’ve drank in our entire lives. So where do they get the bottles? Just casually hit up all the casinos and hotels on the fucking Vegas Strip and take all the bottles they’ve accumulated. Do you know what that means? Those bottles were undoubtedly full of forgotten memories and terrible/awesome decisions and now all that energy is together in that house. If ghosts exist then that house is definitely going to be haunted as fuck. But in a good way. Like ghosts just throwing absolute rippers all night, doing lines of coke off of strippers tits, fucking midgets, huffing ether and shit. You know, your run of the mill night in Vegas. The definition of a party house. So good job humanity, you can pat yourself on the back for this one.

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