NFL Bad Lip Reading

Posted: February 4, 2013 by woody in Fun, NFL, Sports
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First saw these kinds of videos when all that presidential campaign/debate bull shit was going on. Those did a pretty good job, most made me laugh. But this one absolutely blew those out of the water. For starters, its about sports, which is awesome, instead of about politics, which is super lame. But aside from that, its just flat out funnier than the other ones. When Joe Staley and Colin Kaepernick are talking about “burning that old man”… Hilarious. And now we all know why Jim Harbaugh was so sour after his Super Bowl loss, I mean other than the fact that he lost the biggest sporting event of the year. He didn’t get his cake. Milk came out of my nose when Tom Brady goes, “Woo! I’m white!” and I’m drinking PBR. Explain THAT one. Got some good old life lessons from Pete Carroll, “stop doing heroin”. Preach Petey boy, preach! Matt Schaub might take the cake though, “the vet said dude, your cat’s just pregnant. I said ok, so I won’t go and kick her”. Pahhh. And we can only hope that one day we can all have the pleasure of being presented with an orange peanut.

Side note: Who the fuck comes up with these things. I can’t begin to thing how much time it must take to find these clips and say something that slightly resembles the way their mouths are moving. Not even I have enough free time during the day to come up with this shit. Truly A+ work.


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