New Artist Of The Week – MF DOOM

Posted: February 4, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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So this week’s featured artist is one of my best friend’s favorite MC, so this is a shout out to you Jake. MF Doom, aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah aka Metal Face aka Metal Fingers aka The Super Villain (yes those are all actual names he goes by), has been around the rap game for a while. And I mean a whileeee. Dude is 41 years old and has been in the game since ’88. Not many people can say that nowadays. He has managed to stay mostly under the radar his whole career, which is understandable only because when you listen to his songs there is no way in hell you would ever hear that on the Maroon5, I mean radio. His beats are very strange but incredibly dope when you listen to the way he rhymes unconventionally over them. He is also a master of the multisyllable rhyme, sometimes writing lines that are so technical poetically that they would make Bill Shakespeare himself blush. I’ll be the first to let you know that your either going to love this guy or hate him. If you are a real hip hop head and have a true appreciation for lyricism, then your going to love him. If you someone looking for hype beats and dance moves, you going to hate him, and I’m probably going to hate you. Your on the wrong site anyways, go listen to the Maroon5, I mean radio. First up, here’s DangerDoom (MF Doom and producer Danger Mouse) – Crosshairs.


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