This French Dude Alem Is A Sick Fuck

Posted: February 2, 2013 by woody in Fun, Music
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And I mean that in the best way possible. Stumbled upon this bro yesterday, and holy hell can he beat box. I have never in my 22 1/2 years on this planet heard anyone beat box so impressively. This guy makes sounds that I still don’t think are even possible for a human being to make. When I first saw him, I was like shit, I’ll give beat boxing a try, and within about 2 seconds I was out of breath trying to go as fast as he does. Probably because I smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish, but that’s besides the point. Here’s a quick look at some of his earlier freestyle work.

And now you know what I’m talking about. Kid can beat box his ass off. By far the coolest thing I’ve seen him do was the first video I saw of him, where he has a metronome and is setting it to different speeds, beat boxing perfectly to the metronome. He ends it by beat boxing at a rate of 176 BPM (beats per minute) which I’m pretty sure is faster than anyone should be making noise with their mouth. One things for sure, this dude has mastered his craft and is incredibly talented. Beat boxing for the win!


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