Garrett McNamara Is A Boss

Posted: February 2, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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So in case you haven’t heard, this guy Garrett McNamara just broke his own world record for the tallest wave ever surfed. The old record, which he set in November of 2011, stood at 78 ft tall. The 45 year old American, who has been professionally surfing since he was 17, decided back in 2000 start focusing on riding the tallest wave ever. Back then, he joked about one day, “riding a 100 foot wave”. Well, on January 28 of this year, he did just that. Off the coast of Portugal in the town of Nazare, McNamara became the first man to ever conquered a 100 foot wave and it was nothing short of spectacular. This guy has to be absolutely tapped to even think of surfing a wave that big, and I love it. Apparently as he finished riding the wave, he pulled up about 10 feet from “perilous rocks” because he “lost his place”. Safe to say that if he had been a little bit further off, he would not be around to talk about it. His wife has forbid him from ever surfing in those waters again. Fucking wives, always getting in the way of fun. He’s still waiting on the word from Guinness Book’s to make it official but I’m pretty sure there won’t be any trouble with that. Anyways, here’s the video, so sit back and take it all in because this is just fucking awesome.


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